Key Benefits

1. Our experience of database technology combined with your in-depth business knowledge can result in a very effective business software tool.

2.  Tasks which have always been handled manually using ledgers or simple spreadsheets can be automated saving you time and giving you access to invaluable historic management information for decision making purposes.

  We are able to quickly produce a solution from initial briefing to final implementation.

  Fundamentally, we ensure that all systems we develop are simple to use, intuitive and above all cost effective.

We have produced many business applications and have a lot of experience in different business sectors. Often we are able to tailor a previous database for a new client. This means the end product can be produced even quicker and cheaper than expected.

  Flexibility can be designed into the solution to allow users to customise the database without any further involvement by ourselves.

  The database design can allow information to be imported from (and exported to) other systems allowing existing information to be quickly added.

Customisation is also available for any of our existing databases in order to enhance functionality and/or add additional features.

All applications come with full support for 90 days following purchase with optional annual software support also available.

We design database applications specifically to your requirements

Our key role is in developing bespoke software solutions for UK-based businesses. Producing a software application specifically to an individual businesses requirements used to be a lengthy and expensive process. Fortunately, and perhaps quite surprising, this is no longer the case. Modern programming techniques mean that solutions can be created quickly to fit most business needs.

The benefits in terms of time saved and information availability are very large

Management Information Systems are something which we have particular experience in. Typically, businesses will have a mix of different software applications in use doing standard processes such as accounts, administration, HR etc. What tends to happen is for management to not have access to this information in any user-friendly summary format. This means businesses have built up a great history of information but it isn't easily available for decision making. 

This is how MIS can make a big difference by pulling data together and allowing managers to quickly summarise information from all areas of the business, from lots of different applications. Good MIS gives the user the flexibility to develop user-defined reports as required and not constrain them to preformatted fixed lists. 

Cost effective and efficient 

Many businesses produce in-house solutions which take a lot of effort to implement and generally do not result in the sort of benefits expected. Our advice is for you to stick with what you know best and allow us to design a professional and intuitive management database application .

Safeguard the future of your business

A common failing of many businesses is to become reliant on key members of staff who have vast experience in what they do. Problems arise once they leave your business. Good management suggests you adopt processes to reduce the impact of such eventualities. One of the best ways of doing this is by introducing software which automates much of this individually held knowledge and thus minimise any negative impact.

A sample of corporate clients

A couple of screenshots from
databases we have created

A Human Resource database with innovative screen layout meaning you can access all information with just a couple of clicks.

Reports can be configured to show
just the detail needed.

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